How did we get here...

Founded in January 1997 by Jean-Michel Abou and José Dias, our company is located in the north of Portugal, only 30 minutes from Oporto’s international airport. All our development and production is proudly “Made in Portugal” thus guaranteeing top quality, high performance and a reliable service.


We are a determined, passionate team, striving for topmost quality and customer satisfaction.

We believe these to be the foundations of a long-lasting and trustworthy relationship, which we regard as our differentiating factor.

Being a brand of choice for our customers is not only our main goal, it is also an outcome of the quality of our products and services.

Every day, we strive to meet our customer’s needs focusing on development and the newest market tendencies.

In accordance with all the aforementioned reasons, our commitment is to ensure that our products and services meet the highest quality standards. We do so by having a rigorous work methodology, professional ethics and a meticulous selection of certified suppliers (who exclusively provide raw materials devoid of harmful substances).

The Team

We are a highly qualified team of 18 staff members skilled in multiple areas. Each step of the production process is controlled and monitored by a highly specialized department. From the yarn purchase, dye and finishing, to the cut, make & trim and embellishment, we can ensure the complete packing and delivery service according to our customer's needs.


PICOS proudly complies with all regulations on Labor and Environment set for every Portugal / European Union production, not only ensuring the best work and health conditions but also promoting a no child labor nor discriminative work environment.


Why buy picos?

Short lead times

PICOS offers a set of solutions that fit the most diverse needs in the strictest deadlines.

100% European Production

All production processes take place in Europe and are, therefore, in full compliance with European legislation regarding safety and health standards as well as environmental requirements. PICOS also only works with Oeko-Tex certified suppliers.

Total Customization

With PICOS you have full control of your apparel. You can choose to customise our stock models or create your own vision from scratch.

Highest quality fabrics

Both our cotton and performance fabrics are certified by the highest standards of excellence. We also offer special options such as Nanotechnology for Anti-Mosquito or Anti-Bacterial protection and special vat dyeing technology - VAT DYE.


Our sampling department can quickly provide high quality standard samples and/or small collections for subsequent approval.


We provide embroidery, printing, transfer, allover sublimation printing services, and digital printing services, as well as customised labels, hang tags, brand tags inside the neckline, zippers, laces, ribbons, metal applications, fantasy stitches, strass adhesives, etc.

Cutting / production line

Our fully equipped production line is ready to deliver items covering a broad spectrum of standard shapes and sizes. Every pattern is developed from a basic block using the LECTRA System which includes CAD / CAM with an automated cutting machine thus ensuring high cutting accuracy.

Dyeing / Finishing

All our dyeing equipment, certified by Oeko-Tex, is equipped with the latest technology and can offer a wide range of dyeing and finishing processes, ensuring stable, clean and exclusive fabrics.

Quality Control

Our quality standards are guaranteed by a set of control mechanisms, present in each stage of the production line, and through laboratory testing. We pay the utmost attention to stable dyeing, shrinkage prevention and soundness of raw materials.


PICOS provides a packaging service for the complete product line, as well as throughout the entire shipping process, to all parts of the world, ensuring timely delivery and appropriate storage conditions.

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