Are you looking to produce
your brand's apparel?

PICOS offers a fully customisable service that includes monitoring every production process namely: knitting, dyeing, special finishing off of fabrics, cutting, sewing, decoration (embroidery or printing), personalised labelling and customised packing, as according to our customers requirements.

What We Do


Accompanying the latest market developments, a highly qualified pattern maker using the LECTRA CAD system is available to help our customers. Our technical team is constantly monitoring and improving every process aiming to provide the best technical and productive solutions for our customers.


We take pride in our specialised sampling section, always ensuring quality and reaction speed. The importance of samples and their lead times is a top priority for our service.


Using LECTRA system and a vast historical record of production operations, we are able to provide reliable cost estimates after samples development.

Production Process


All types of garments made from circular knitting machines, such as fashion t-shirts, polo shirts, crew neck sweaters, hoodies, zip jackets, among others.


PICOS has an internal production unit specifically oriented for special productions, but also a variety of outsourcing options for high volume orders and/or very specific styling.

Quality Control

Our team of quality controllers ensure thorough checks during and after production regarding cut, decoration, placement, actual make-up and packing requirements.


Our team is highly experienced in handling international orders. We're able to provide QR reader labels or barcode stickers on boxes.


Confidentiality is highly valued at PICOS so as to ensure the protection of our customer's development processes and designs.

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